Boarding Contract and Kennel Policies

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Paws & Tails Kennel Policies

This agreement shall apply to all current and future visits by your Pet to Paws & Tails, LLC.
Definitions: We, us, our, shall mean Paws & Tails, LLC. You and your shall mean the client/pet owner signing this agreement. Pet shall mean the animals staying at Paws & Tails, LLC.

Please download, complete, and sign a copy of our Boarding Contract before delivering your pet for boarding: Downloadable Boarding ContractPaws & Tails Kennel, LLC Boarding Contract

1. Services. We agree to provide the specific services listed on our kennel card for your pet's visit. The kennel card will be filled out for each of your pet's visits. We will exercise reasonable judgment in all circumstances as we provide the services.

2. Payment for Services. You agree to pay for the services we provide to your pet for each visit according to the rates in our current brochure for each visit. Prices are subject to change without notice. Monthly (30 day continuous stay) discount may apply.

3. Check- in and Check- out times. Times are posted in our brochure. On time Check-out time is during our A.M. Hours on the Departure Date. Late check-out is during our P.M. Hours on the Departure Date. Additional day charges apply for all P.M. Check-outs. Take note, our boarding facility has A.M. & P.M. Check-outs on weekdays, A.M. Check-out Saturday and P.M. Check-out on Sunday. Hence, no P.M. Check-out on Saturday and no A.M. Check- out on Sunday. Weekend boarding is a two day charge. Please consult our current brochure for weekly hours. You agree that all charges are due the day your pet is picked up and that your pet may not leave the premises
until all charges are paid in full. Any animal left for ten days beyond the estimated date of departure will be considered abandoned.

4. Reservations. New client reservations will be made but not guaranteed unless secured with a credit card or by sending a check or money order for two days board for the reserved dates. Established clients are waived from securing reservations unless they default on a reservation. In this instance, good standing may be reestablished by securing their reservation for two consecutive stays. Reservations will be accepted but not guaranteed without verification of Paws & Tails, LLC requirements.

5. Cancellations. If a reservation needs to be canceled, we require three (3) days or 72 hours notice before your scheduled arrival time. Early pick-ups or cancellations in violation of this policy may result in your full scheduled boarding stay being charged.

6. Stay Extension. If you find that your reservation dates will need to be extended, please understand that during peak times we operate at full capacity and may not be able to accommodate another boarder if you do not adhere to your scheduled pickup date/time. We welcome stay extensions with proper notice.

7. Early or Late Arrivals or Departures. Our check in and check out times are firm. During our off hours we are busy training and doing housekeeping in the facility. If you disrupt us you are also disrupting the paid time of our training clients and our staff. Please, also consider that this is our home and business. Our closed hours also serve as family time. Anyone disrespecting this will be asked to not return.

8. Lack of Planning on Your Part. This does not constitute an Emergency on our part. Please keep in mind we schedule our chores in advance. We keep the facility ready for arrivals and departures according to the information you provide us for drop off and pick up times of your pet(s). Any changes in the hours/days of drop-off or pick-up, without proper notice given, will disrupt our planned routine. There may be an additional charge for this inconvenience.

9. Pets not Picked up on Departure Date. In the event you or your Agent do not pick up your pet(s) on the scheduled Departure date, you hereby authorize us to continue to provide our services according to this agreement. You understand that a pet(s) left for ten days beyond the estimated date of departure will be considered abandoned.

10. Emergencies. In the event of an emergency, every effort will be made to contact you. If you feel you cannot be reached you are required to leave us an Agent to contact. The Agent must be an adult of the age of 18 years. We will contact your Agent in the event you cannot be reached. You agree that your Agent shall have your full and complete authority to make all decisions, including the expenditure of funds on behalf of your pet(s).

11. Pet Behavior and Health. As a courtesy, we will administer routine medications for chronic conditions within reason. We are not able or equipped to care for sick pets, elder pets that cannot stand on their own accord, or pets that are aggressive or biting.

  • A. Proof of required immunizations, and health records from a Licensed Veterinarian is required as set forth in our services brochure.

  • B. Pets are checked for fleas, ticks and cleanliness upon arrival. We reserve the right to bathe at the owners expense if necessary.

  • C. We reserve the right to refuse a pet at check in if it appears the pet's behavior or health could jeopardize its own safety, the safety of our staff or other pets in our facility.

  • D. In the event your pet becomes ill or injured and requires professional attention or passes away during its stay, we will attempt to notify you or your Agent from the telephone numbers provided to us on the most current service card or on this agreement. If you are unable to be reached or time is crucial in getting your pet assistance, we reserve the right to use a 24 hour on call veterinarian. Medical expenses are your responsibility. Any charges paid by us will be added to your boarding invoice.

  • E. If you refuse medical treatment for your pet, Paws & Tails, LLC as its sole discretion, may engage the services of a veterinarian to make your pet as comfortable as possible until picked up by you or your Agent and the expense shall be paid by you.

  • F. This boarding facility will exercise all due and reasonable care to prevent injury or illness to your pet. However, in the event of illness or injury, Paws & Tails, LLC, its members, and employees shall not be held personally liable for such injury or illness.

12. Representations. You represent to us that you are the owner of the pet(s). All of the information about you and your pet in this agreement is true.

13. Contact with Other Pets. Your pet may come in contact with other pets at our facility. You realize, acknowledge and agree that in the unlikely event your pet is injured by another Pet, you will not hold us responsible for the injury. Also, if your pet injures another Pet, you acknowledge that you will be solely responsible for any injury to either or both pets. All pets coming into the Paws & tails, LLC facility are required to be vaccinated. It is however still possible for a Pet to become ill, even if vaccinated. We agree to exercise all due and reasonable care to prevent injure or illness to your pet. In the event of illness or injury, Paws & Tails, LLC and its employees shall not be held liable for such injury or illness.

14. Personal Items. Please bring only expendable items with your pet(s). We are not responsible for the loss or damage of any item brought in with your pet(s).


Boarding Contract

Downloadable Boarding ContractPaws & Tails Kennel, LLC Boarding Contract

  1. Read our kennel policies
  2. Call for reservations
  3. Download and complete the boarding contract provided above
  4. Bring a signed copy of the completed contract with you when you deliver your pet for boarding


You must bring the following documents with you on or before boarding date.

Proof of vaccination:  

  • Dogs - Rabies, Distemper/Parvo (DHLPP), Bordetella

  • Cats - FVRCP and Rabies

Vaccinations should be acquired at least two weeks prior to boarding.

It is also required that your pet be free of fleas, ticks, heartworm and worms.

Boarding Checklist

  • Vaccination Records
  • Emergency Contact and phone number
  • Veterinarian phone number
  • Washable bedding (optional)-we will provide bedding if you wish.
  • Toys- try to limit yourself to two toys for your pet.
  • Food – if bringing your own food and are concerned about the portion, consider portion packaging in small bags. 
  • Medications – if your pet is on medication, consider putting in pill container for AM & PM with identification of medication type. We dispense medication for your pet as a courtesy.

Hours of Operation

Monday–Friday: 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.
                        4 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Saturday: 8 a.m. to 10 a.m.
Sunday: 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Before or after hours check-in and check-out by appointment only.

We’re located at:
4119 State Route 38b
Newark Valley, NY 13811
Map and driving directions

Give us a call at 607-748-9682.
We look forward to seeing you!

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