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For Healthy Coats

Stripping, or hand-stripping, is the process of pulling the dead hair out of the coat of a non-shedding dog, either by using a stripping knife or the fingers.Stripping is the proper method of grooming for most terriers, and is required for dogs of many hard-coated breeds. A hard, wiry coat has a cycle where it starts growing and then sheds as it reaches maximum length. Hand-stripping coordinates the shedding and makes room for a new coat to grow.

As the hair matures and reaches its life span, the follicle becomes less strong and healthy. The tip of the hair may appear healthy but the root is starting to thin and starts to lighten. This is the dying coat stage. This coat is ready to be stripped. A coat that is ready to be stripped can be easily pulled as the hair is falling out on its own. If the coat is clipped at this stage, the dead hair root will remain. On the other hand if the coat is stripped, the completely dead hair will be removed. As the hair is weakly rooted, pulling or stripping the hair will not cause the dog pain if done correctly.

Stripping is a tedious job requiring 2-4 hours to complete. For this reason, and to prevent your dog from becoming restless from being in one place for so long, we perform initial strippings in multiple sessions. Obviously, touch-ups after the initial stripping would take considerably less time/labor.


Hair Stripping Fee: $50 hr.

Hair stripping will be completed in multiple sessions for the comfort of our groomer and your dog.

Broken/Wirehaired coated breeds such as those listed below should be stripped every 6 to 8 weeks:

  • Irish Terrier
  • Otterhound
  • German Wirehaired Pointer
  • Dandie Dinmont Terrier
  • Irish Wolfhound
  • Scottish Deerhound
  • Norfolk Terrier
  • Welsh Terrier
  • Irish Terrier
  • Affenpinscher
  • Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier
  • Wirehaired Dachshund
  • Pointing Griffon
  • Airdale Terrier
  • Border Terrier

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